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1 Amen Religious
2 Armed Forces Medley Patriotic
3 Bless Us Our Father Wedding
4 Blessed Is The Man Religious
5 Christian, Do You Love Your Neighbor Religious
6 Death Where Is Thy Victory Religious
7 Do You Remember Christmas Eve Holiday
8 Don't Stand Too Close To Me Other
9 Eternal Father, Strong To Save Patriotic
10 For A Little While (four part harmony) Wedding
11 For A Little While (solo with piano accompaniment) Wedding
12 For The Most Part Other
13 Forgive Me, Lord Religious
14 Give Yourself To Jesus Religious
15 Go With The Lord Religious
16 Hallelujah, Christ Is King Religious
17 Have A Happy Holiday Holiday
18 Have You Taken It To Jesus Religious
19 He Died For You and Me Religious
20 His Love Endures Forever Religious
21 I Want You Forever Other
22 I'll Be Praising The Lord Religious
23 It Was Your Sin Religious
24 It's Hard To Say Goodbye Wedding
25 It's Thanksgiving Time Religious
26 It's Thanksgiving Time Holiday
27 Jesus Came To Save The Lost Religious
28 Live The Word In Love Religious
29 Looking For A Home Religious
30 Lord, I Thank You Religious
31 Lord, Take Control Religious
32 Marching For The Master Religious
33 May God Bless America Medley Patriotic
34 My Trust I Place In Him Religious
35 Now The Time Is Drawing Nigh Wedding
36 O God! My Sins Are Known To You Religious
37 Oh, Jesus, Jesus Religious
38 Redeem The Day Religious
39 Remember Other
40 Remember Jesus Religious
41 Sing Holy, Holy Religious
42 So Softly Light Is Glowing Other
43 The Fires Are Burning Bright Other
44 The Flag of America Patriotic
45 The King Is Coming Religious
46 The Loneliness I Feel Other
47 The Spirit of America Patriotic
48 The Sun Is Going Down Religious
49 This Is Our Wedding Day Wedding
50 Trust In The Lord Religious
51 Turn To The Lord Religious
52 Unity Religious
53 Vacancy Other
54 We Must Live Carefully Religious
55 We Worship The Lord Religious
56 When You've Done Your Best Religious

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