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1 Amen kennedywc
2 My Trust I Place In Him kennedywc
3 Blessed Is The Man kennedywc
4 Looking For A Home kennedywc
5 Christian, Do You Love Your Neighbor kennedywc
6 Lord, I Thank You kennedywc
7 Lord, Take Control kennedywc
8 Forgive Me, Lord kennedywc
9 Marching For The Master kennedywc
10 Give Yourself To Jesus kennedywc
11 O God! My Sins Are Known To You kennedywc
12 Go With The Lord kennedywc
13 Oh, Jesus, Jesus kennedywc
14 Hallelujah, Christ Is King kennedywc
15 Redeem The Day kennedywc
16 Have You Taken It To Jesus kennedywc
17 Remember Jesus kennedywc
18 He Died For You and Me kennedywc
19 Sing A New Song songman
20 His Love Endures Forever kennedywc
21 The King Is Coming kennedywc
22 Holy Spirit Please Be With Me songman
23 The Sun Is Going Down kennedywc
24 How I Long To See Jesus Face songman
25 Trust In The Lord kennedywc
26 I'll Be Praising The Lord kennedywc
27 Turn To The Lord kennedywc
28 In Six Days songman
29 Unity kennedywc
30 It Was Your Sin kennedywc
31 We Must Live Carefully kennedywc
32 It's Thanksgiving Time kennedywc
33 We Worship The Lord kennedywc
34 Jesus Came To Save The Lost kennedywc
35 When You've Done Your Best kennedywc
36 Life Is Wonderful songman
37 Live The Word In Love kennedywc
38 Death Where Is Thy Victory kennedywc
39 Sing Holy, Holy kennedywc

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