Music Arranging Services Offered

We are offering our services for hire for doing arrangements of your original music. You may contact us via email and we can answer your questions.

You would need to furnish the words (typewritten) and the music (melody) dubbed on a cassette tape. Mostly, we do hymn style work although we do other styles in some cases. If we do not feel that we can do a proper rendition for your music, we will decline to do the work.

  • We will do 4-part vocal arrangements (SATB or TTBB). The printed music will be in standard notation form and, if desired, can have shaped note format, as well.

  • We will do solo formats with very basic piano accompaniment.

  • We do plain lead sheets with chord names above a single staff (if desired) along with words.

  • We will quote you a price for the work. If you elect to have the work done, we will send the finished work back to you in quality print form and would also send back to you a computer-generated rendition of the music. The audio would not contain the actual words, but would have the music, to be provided to you on the cassette tape that you send initially.

  • If you agree to have the work done, you would need to submit a check for the full amount quoted plus a $4.00 shipping and handling for each order (can be one or more songs per order). Shipping cost would apply to U.S. orders only. Other destination costs would have to be quoted.

NOTE: The work would be done for hire and you would retain full ownership of your music and the arrangements would belong to you, as well. You would need to register the finished product with the Library of Congress for copyright registration. (We will furnish a form for you for each song. There is a $30.00 registration fee for each submission.)

TIME NEEDED TO ACCOMPLISH THE WORK: It would depend on the volume of work on hand to do, but we would quote a delivery time at the same time as quoting the price.

You can contact us at the following email address:

Disclaimer & Agreement: In downloading music, user agrees to use a song or songs as sample copy(ies) for non-commercial purposes, except for the terms of usage as laid out specifically in this web site. Copyright holders wish to have their music used, but user agrees to abide by the Copyright Laws of the United States of America.

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